Full Version: Script Arguments
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Hello people.
I'm trying to edit and create my own scripts, but I'm having trouble programming because I don't know MageBot's "Arguments" and don't fully understand.
for example, the following arguments:

function EXAMPLE()
local CLOCK
local gptimer=os.clock()-.40

function xxxxxxxx()
    if (CLOCK-gptimer<1.2) then return 0; end


I always use the above arguments because every script I've seen contains them, but I have no idea what they mean.

On the other hand, I would like to create some scripts that need the arguments and functions that I can't find, let's see:

----- Arguments:

use.yourself - ----------------------- for cases where it is necessary to use a certain item in the character itself;
When self.hp<=xx% then -------- for cases where it is necessary to execute an action when HP is at XX%;

When self.hp<=xx% then
(isKeyDown(104)>= 1) ------------- when the HP is at XX%, activate the NumP. 8 Hotkey;

----- Hotkeys:

if (IsKeyDown(104) ~= 0) then -- when you press the NumP.8 key run the script;

I hope that I have been clear and that someone can help me.